#1 Within the League

Players organize their own games with other players that are within the league (only within the league).

#2 League Players

Only the games created during the themes, and against other league players count. If creating a game with 4 players, and only 3 of them are league players, then the game will not count. The status if a player is a league player or not is based on when the game is created. if they drop out of the league after the game was created, then the opponent automatically gets a point for victory (however, they can continue the game now as a regular non-league game).

#3 Premature Surrendering

If a player surrenders the game prematurely, then it is an automatic loss, and they lose 2 points instead of the standard 1 point loss. If the player is in a losing position, and feels they cannot win, then they can add the comment to the game explaining why, and then surrender. In other words, the surrender must be justified.

#4 Points

All winners of the game receive 1 point. In team matches, both players receive the point, and all losers have 1 point subtracted.

#5 Challenger Creates

The person that challenges the other player(s) creates the game (unless there is agreement that the other person creates it). The settings must match exactly with what is stated in the Theme Rules for the Theme the players are going to play.

#6 Game Creation

When creating/starting a game, please message Rillithain with the game url so that the game can be entered into the website. Once that game is submitted, then it is a league game and follows the league rules.

#7 Bad Game Settings

In the event that the game settings are not created correctly, then the league game is void and no longer counts as a league game.

#8 Just One More Turn...

Players can play as many games as they want (assuming they can find opponents).

#9 Rejecting Challenges

Challenges can be turned down if the person challenged does not want to play.

#10 One Person Challenge

Players can only challenge the same player once per theme. If Rillithain is playing a league game against FilthyRobot, he would need to wait until the next theme before challenging FilthyRobot again; HOWEVER, FilthyRobot can challenge Rillithain, thus they would have 2 games that theme. This rule is to prevent the same 2 people playing and not challenging other league players.

The exception, is for the "Always Open" themes. There are no limits for these games.

#11 Turn Timers

All turn timers will be set to 2 days for games that have more than 2 players (timer doesn't function when only 2 players). We obviously would like people to move sooner; however, we all have lives. This is a long term league hopefully.

#12 Cheaters

Any player caught cheating will be banned from the league, and reported to the GMR Site Admins.

#13 Technical Issues

If having any technical issues with the games, please first try reverting the turn. Else, report the issue to myself and I will see if I can assist.

#14 No Spare Time

Anyone can join the league at any time. If you no longer have time for games, you can mark yourself inactive. Just send me an email, and I will keep you in the standings, but will put you on an inactive list (to be created still). Or, if you really want, I can remove you completely. Please don't give up though and then come back hoping to start over. Scores will carry over.

#15 How To Create?

If you do not know how to create a game, please follow the instructions on the GMR site. Here is the link to their YouTube video.

#16 Trade Bug

Exploiting the Trade bug is considered cheating as well, and you will be given one warning. The trade bug is the bug where you modify someone else s offer, then click accept right away without it being reviewed by the other person. (Note - this has been fixed now)

#17 Blind Communications

Communications, negotiations, wheeling and dealing in games between civ owners is only possible if they have met each other in the game. Civ owner 1 should not be PM'ing Civ owner 2 making war tactics until they are known to each other - this is in the best interest of the civ game itself. Obviously if you are a true team member in the game (team games only) you will have already met each other and are able to communicate.

#18 No Player Kicking / Replacement Players

Games will not have a skip limit. The point of the league game is to have all of the players remain in it until the end. If a player is no longer playing his/her turns, and an attempt to reach the player does not solve the issue, please report the player to the League Admin Team.

  1. If the game is a player vs player (1vs1), then the remaining player takes the win.
  2. If it is any other type of game, the player can be replaced by another league player (or a new comer to the League, who has to register to the League before joining as a replacement). However, all players in the game must agree to that player taking over. If a player objects, they must have an acceptable reason to why they don't want that replacement.
  3. To provide an incentive for players to volunteer to be replacement players; if the replacement player loses the game, his/her name will not be recorded to this game and he/she will not lose any points, the original player who left will be the one losing points; however if the replacement player wins the game, he/she will replace the original player in the League records of this game, and he/she will win the points as a result of this victory.

#19 GMR Verification

All League games should have their GMR Ids entered on the League site (GMR Id is the several digit number after Game#, ex: for multiplayerrobot.com/Game#27258 the GMR Id is 27258), so that the game's existence, start and end dates can be verified on GMR. Games that do not have their GMR Ids entered before the games are completed, will be removed from the League.