Joining the League

To join the league, it is simply a matter of signing in via Steam (see the link on the top right corner). Once you have signed in, your avatar should appear, and by clicking on it, you have access to your account.

You will also need to be on GMR, as this league relies on it.

You are also immediately able to see yourself in the standings page--on the bottom--showing that you have not participated in any games yet.

Finding other players

Join us in Discord and check out the #game-invites channel.

If you haven't already, install Discord and click on connect on the widget on the right.

Otherwise check out the forums.

Challenging other players

  1. Decide on the theme you would like to play, and how many players in total (if the theme allows it). Also decide on the teams, leaders, etc., which are specific to the theme.
  2. Decide which one of you will be the host. Generally the host is the challenger, and sets up the game on both the league and on GMR. Ensure that all players have joined the league before continuing.
  3. The host should then go to this site, and click on their own name on top right corner to reach his profile, then then click "Create Challenge".
  4. Select the theme, and populate the challenged players.
  5. After all the players accept the challenge, the game is "started" from the point of view of the league.
  6. Go to GMR and start a game, with matching settings. Invite the same players you challenged in the league. Name the game something appropriate to the league, e.g. "[GMR League][T03-4FFA]JvZvSvC", or "Hoagie's Arrogant Archaeologist". Feel free to link to the league game page in the GMR game description so it is easier to access later (e.g.
  7. Once the GMR game ID is known, the host should go back to the League site and enter the GMR ID for the game, so that there will be a link from the league site to the GMR game.
  8. Start the game in Civ V. For this either you use the save file from the themes list, or if prefer to set it up yourself, make sure you use the exact setting defined in the theme rules.
  9. Once the game starts, it is like just any other GMR game, you do not need to interact with the league site, just keep playing it through GMR.
  10. When the game is concluded, report the result in the #gmr-league channel on Discord. A league admin will record the result to the league database and the standings will be updated.